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Ready for change? Meet the heartfelt programs.

Education and self-awareness are the foundations of every Heartfelt program. Personal struggles with weight, eating challenges and body image can be difficult to identify and even more difficult to address on your own.

Heartfelt programs are highly customizable, giving you the power to become the expert of your own body and mind. Our programs combine the very best in research-based nutritional psychology with practical tools, all designed to nourish your personal journey.

Your time is now: heartfelt is the answer.

Group programs

Thrive. Engage. Connect.

It may feel like you’re the only one struggling – but you’re not. Our group programs provide a thriving collaborative environment, where you benefit from others’ strategies and experiences. Our own Heartfelt founder runs these safe and fun programs.

Our group programs include:

  • An individual 90 min assessment, pre & post program
  • Unlimited communication
  • Toolkits, resources and daily challenges to re-establish healthy mindsets and behaviours
  • Weekly or monthly group sessions, in person or online
  • Group sessions help you understand what is behind your relationship with food & body image

Individual programs

Heal. Nourish. Grow.

Numbers, scales, weight, shape, the perfect diet! Is your daily life ruled by these things? It’s time to stop stressing, and move towards a way of eating that promotes physical and mental well being. One-on-one sessions are designed to address your individual needs, with a focus on nutritional psychology. We offer a free 15 min consult, to answer all of your questions.

Each individual program includes:

  • 90 min initial assessment
  • 45 min follow up sessions, as required
  • Customized program plan to reach your goals
  • Accountability & unlimited communication
  • Tools to help you understand your root “why’s”

Youth programs

Achieve. Educate. Excite.

We live in an image obsessed culture. 6/10 girls avoid activities that impact their academic and social development, due to low body confidence. Heartfelt builds nutrition and body confidence right into school programming. We work with schools to develop customized programs, tailored to student and staff needs, with a focus on: influence of relationships, media & culture, bullying around weight & body image, “body talk” and nutritional self awareness.

Heartfelt is passionate about educating our youth to overcome image-related pressures, so they can confidently develop into the strong, healthy changemakers of tomorrow.

Community programs

Motivate. Inspire. Lead.

Your situation is unique. We know that! That’s why we customize our seminars & workshops to meet the specific needs of your company, group, or organization. We aim to engage. We present topics in a fun and interactive way, that delivers crucial information in an easily accessible format. Each participant will leave armed with a take-home package, designed to put what they learned into action.

Some of our presentation topics include: nutrition, gut-brain connection, mental health, body image, mindfulness, emotional eating, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & weight, and the psychology of eating.

Start your heartfelt future now.


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