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What do we mean when we speak of creating “healthy body image” though?

What does that even look like, how do we know when we’ve reached it and how do we assess if it’s in a healthy or unhealthy spot to begin with?

Our personal body image starts forming at a very early age and has many influential factors; parents, peers, childhood and life experiences. Each of us has a picture of ourself in our mind’s eye and that image, coupled with our belief about how others perceive us, constructs our body image.

To first know where your body image stands, it’s important to get to know some common traits that one would have with a “healthy” body image.

Enjoy being present in your body

Many, although concerned with our bodies and/or individual parts, have actually cut ourselves off from body feelings and sensations – this is known as disembodied.

Disembodiment is when we go through our day, paying no real attention to the sensations and feelings of our bodies. We may tend to not think about our bodies at all because it could spark negative, discouraging feelings about ourselves. It would also mean we aren’t giving focus to what makes our bodies feel healthy, energized and strong, or, in turn, what signals are being given off when it feels unwell and drained.

When speaking of a healthy body image, a person would typically enjoy the experience of living in their body.

When speaking of a healthy body image, a person would typically enjoy the experience of living in their body. Engaging in physical activities that they enjoy, paying attention to the the messages their body is sending and trusting their thoughts & body.

Focus on the positive

Let’s face it, we all have some things about our appearance we would like to change. Healthy body image doesn’t mean you love everything about your body. Heck, you don’t even have to like everything, all the time. You may not have the fullest lips, or the most toned abs, but maybe you have killer eyes, beautiful complexion, or nicely sculpted legs. The key is to know that those “flaws” you see are no more noticeable than the features you like about your appearance. We have the choice to focus on our positives.

Return to love

Unless you’re waking up every morning with a full on makeup artist, hair stylist and wardrobe stylist… chances are there are days that you may feel less than beautiful. Even the most stunning and confident people have their days. How you respond to these moments is what separates a healthy relationship vs an unhealthy relationship. Those with healthy body image don’t give into self criticism and spiral down a swirling path of emotional self-destruction, filled with negative self-talk. Building a healthy body image means you know how to stop and recognize criticizing self-talk as being the result of internalized fears and insecurities and instead, show love and compassion towards yourself.

We each have the power to change the way we see, feel and think about our bodies.

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